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NPU 180 Nitrogen Pump Unit


Technical Data

Engine rating : 537BHP, B-rated. Safety system : 3GHI Protection™. Control system : Electrical, PLC based. Max work pressure : 10.000 PSI. Pumping rate : 3000 SCFM@10.000PSI. GN2 Outlet temp : 15°C@3000 SCFM. Diesel capacity : 6 hours

Weight : 15.000 kg. Length : 5650 mm. Width : 2438 mm. Height : 3050 mm.

Sound pressure level : 83 dBA (SPL) Certified according to : NORSOK Z-015, DNV 2.7-1, CE and ATEX Third party approval : DNV Air : 5-8 BAR Power supply : Multi voltage, 100-250VAC. Discharge connection : 2″ fig. 1502 WECO Suction connections : 2 of 1 ½” NC 100, male.

Options: Open skid version Logging system Misc. fieldbus connections to plant system

NPU 180 is designed for efficient and easy operation. The unit has easy access for maintenance. This unit is designed specifically for well servicing applications in 3G (Zone 2) areas and is CE and ATEX approved. The unit is capable of working in ambient temperatures from –20° C to +40° C.

• Simplified electrical control system gives more flexibility at a lower cost. • Unit is certified for operation without exhaust flame traps in Zone 2 area. • Unit is is delivered with our 3GHI Protection™ system . • Easy access for maintenance, large doors on both sides of engine. • NORSOK Z-015 certified.

Engine The Caterpillar® C-15, 537 BHP engine meets current EPA Tier 2, EU Stage III, and IMO emissions regulations and provides a solid building block to tackle future emissions challenges. Caterpillar® is industry-leading on fuel system expertise and provides lower specific fuel consumption, particularly at part load, while reducing smoke and emissions.

Skid frame The skid frame is designed and approved according to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079. The skid frame is sandblasted and painted according to offshore specifications in NORSOK M-501. Unit can be stacked in height during storage or boat transportation with use of ISO locks.

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January 8, 2013